Night Swimming

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Night Swimming

Published In: Love Notes: A Collection of Romantic Poetry by Vagabondage Press, Winter 2012

©2012 Susan Milchman

He wraps her in warm ropes and folds her into his fluid shapes


of twisting need. He carries her down whispering hallways


and lowers her into his glimmering mirage. He strokes


her bare back with hands of sun, leaving an


ethereal trail of heat along her snake of bones.


With beauty like a sea horse, she curls her grace


around his feet and she swims. In his pool of fevered debris,


truth and treachery embrace in a gorgeous blaze, their bodies bloody


with familiarity. He kisses her with tender fury in the bending light, pulling


her into his window, the fractured frame holding it all together. He leaves


her carved and addicted, and says he will be right back.


He never comes.





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